Your Rewards

As A Small Business, The Monochrome Bow Recognises The Importance of It's Customers as Without You My Business Would Not Exist.

I Have Therefore Created A Loyalty Scheme For The Monochrome Bow, To Say Thank You To My Loyal (Repeat) Customers.

How Does It Work?

It is Simple ... After You Place An Order, The Amount You Spend on Products (Unfortunately It Does Not Include Postage) is Recorded on Your Reward Card By The Monochrome Bow.

Once You Have Spent £50.00, I Will Send You A Thank You Letter With Your Unique Voucher Code for £5.00 to Spend On Our Website.

How Will I Receive My Voucher Code?

Your Voucher Code Will Be Sent To You in the Post via The Address You Used to Place Your Order.

How Long Are The Voucher Codes Valid For?

The Voucher Codes Will Be Valid for One Year and The Expiry Date Will Be Included within the Thank You Letter That You Receive.

Can I Use The Voucher in Conjunction With Other Offers?

Yes, This is Absolutely Fine.

When Did 'Your Rewards' Start?

Although The Loyalty Scheme was Created on 5th September 2016, All Orders Placed from 6th April 2016 are Already Included in Your Rewards.

Your Rewards Will Accumulate and Do Not Expire. Therefore Any Orders Placed from 6th April 2016 Will Be Recorded Until You Reach £50.00 and I Send You A Voucher Code.

If I Do Not Want To Be in the Rewards Scheme Can I Opt Out?

Yes of Course. However There is Nothing Your End to Do to Earn This Free £5.00 and There is No Pressure For You to Spend £50.00 Within Our Store. If You Would Still Like to Opt Out You Can Email Me at: and This Will Be Done For You.